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Seiichi Akagawa

Seiichi Akagawa

  • Patent Attorney

Education and Professional Experiences

March, 1978
Obtained M.S. in Mathematics, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo.
April, 1978
Entered the Japan Patent Office (responsibilities included the following).
1. Planning and development of the JPO's systems.
- Development of legacy systems using large-scale host computers, such as application systems, registration systems, and archive systems.
- Planning and development of paperless systems (V1, V2 and V3) and examination search systems, etc. (V1: online application, method, original records, etc.; V2: online transmission, online browsing, examination miscellanea, etc.; V3: promotion of paperless design and trademark Appeals Examinations, etc.).
- Filing applications through personal computers and the Internet, etc..
2. Examinations and Appeals Examinations in the field of information processing technologies.
- Examinations and Appeals Examinations of computer-related technologies (Architectures ranging from large-scale computers to micro-computers, operating system technologies, database, online monitors, web, program development environment, security technologies such as authentication, AC and the Internet, various business application software, IC cards, etc.).
- Appeals Department responsibilities included inter-parties Appeals (Invalidation Appeals, Judgment, etc.) as well as Appeals against Decisions, supervision in oral proceedings; case preparation as representative of the JPO for the Intellectual Property High Court cases.
3. Examiner on the Patent Attorney Examination Board.
- Worked as Examiner on the Patent Attorney Examination Board from December 2006 until November 2010; responsibilities included examination designing, scoring, etc. of short-answer written examinations, essay written examinations, and oral examinations.
January, 1973
Appointed as Examiner of Data Processing Division, Fifth Patent Examination Department (Data Processing).
April, 1999
Appointed as Head of System Development Office, Computer Division.
April, 2003
Appointed as Search Officer, Information System Division.
October, 2004
Appointed as Chief Examiner of Data Processing Division, Fourth Patent Examination Department.
June, 2006
Appointed as Chief Appeals Examiner, 28th Board of Appeals (Data Processing).
October, 2011
Appointed as Director (Chief Appeals Examiner), 28th Board of Appeals (Data Processing) .
April, 2012
Joined Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office.
Registered as Patent Attorney (Registration No. 18214).

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


  • Computer-related technologies;
    Architectures ranging from large-scale computers to micro-computers(distributed machines, grid machine, virtual machines, etc.).
    Operating system and memory system technologies.
    Middle-scale software such as database software, online transaction software, communication software, web software, and implementation software.
    Programming and debugging technologies, etc.
    Security technologies such as authentication, AC, DRM, the Internet, etc.
    Various business application software.
    IC cards, IC tags, etc.
  • Applications, Appeals against Decisions, and Inter-parties Appeals (Invalidation Appeals, Judgment, etc.) in the fields of the above-specified technologies


  • "Electronic Government and Intellectual Property", published by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (co-author)
  • "Large-scale Optical Disk Filing System for Storing All of 50 Million Patent Publications", Nikkei Electronics
  • "Information System related Policies, and their Influence on Intellectual Property Environment", Tokugikon (Technical Forum of The Japan Patent Office)