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About Us

Firm Overview

Due to rapid globalization, Intellectual Property (IP) has reached unprecedented levels in terms of protection and safeguarding. Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office is equipt with 6 specialized departments, each providing tailored IP preservation in fields that include: chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mechanical, optical, electrical, information technology, trademarks & designs, litigation, as well as guidance for protecting IP in the international arena. Our highly organized teams consist of legal and technical experts, thereby allowing us to provide customized IP strategies based on the individual needs of each client.

Client Relationships

Founded in 1998, Shobayashi International prides itself on building a concrete foundation of providing trustworthy and consistent legal services to all of our clients. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our Tokyo office is meticulously constructed of experienced teams of patent attorneys, technical specialists, technical translators, technical editors, and administrative staff that serve a broad range of international and domestic clients. Through understanding our client goals and objectives, we are able to design customized strategies by drawing on the extensive experience in advanced legal and technical fields of our patent attorneys. Throw in a devoted staff dedicated to facilitating effective technical and legal consultation, and Shobayashi International defines the fundamental groundwork required for building strong relationships with our clients.

Quality and Assurance

Shobayashi International provides consistent high-quality service to clients around the world by combining our legal and technical expertise in conjunction with our ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages. Furthermore, our experience in working with organized teams of patent attorneys from an enviable network of domestic and international offices, ensures unparalleled and steadfast service regardless of the location.

Our Approach to IP Rights

In addition to a focused perspective in specialized technical fields such as chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, it becomes necessary from time-to-time to think outside the box as a means to establish effective intellectual property rights. In line with this, we do not rely on the opinion of a single specialist, but rather obtain perspectives from specialists in each department to ensure optimal strategic measures are introduced to our clients.

Technical and Legal Training & Services

We continuously provide our staff with legal training in USPTO, EPO, and JPO patent law in order to improve quality assurance, as well as to make available current patent law issues. In addition to placing top priority on educating and training our staff, we also aim to provide our clients with a system by which intellectual property rights are achieved through progressive training and guidance.

Collaboration with Affiliate Law Firms

Legal disputes regarding intellectual property are commonplace in today's global market economy. However, regardless of what borders legal disputes may cross, Shobayashi International, in alliance with our worldwide network of affiliated law firms, provides an effective and proactive approach to achieve the most advantageous solution to our clients.