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Following our establishment in 1998,
we at Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office, using "Depend on us and you will feel relived; we are a reliable patent and trademark office" as our motto, have been working to expand our business.
At this time, we have gathered patent attorneys, lawyers, consultant engineers, directors, a management section, and other kinds of staff members, and we have become able to offer one-stop service related to intellectual property.

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Office overview

Name Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office
Office Locations
Haed Office(Tokyo)Sapia Tower, 1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 JAPAN
Kansai HeadquartersAioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Midosuji Building, 3-6-1 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 541-0046 JAPAN
Ueno OfficeUeno-ekimae Dai-ichi Life Insurance Building, 7-2-10 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005 JAPAN
Nagatacho Office2-16-2 Hirakawacho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093 Japan
Representative Patent Attorney Masayuki Shobayashi
Establishment 1998
Organization of
staff members
We have accomplished organized duties by getting together about 40 registered patent attorneys and staff members who specialize in all fields.
Work content
  • Application and intermediate treatment of domestic and foreign patents (including business-model patents), practical models, trademarks, and designs
  • Trial cases and litigation rescinding the trial
  • Infringement lawsuits and judgment
  • Consulting for application strategies
  • Technical inspections (known art and research material)
  • License agreements
  • Trademark research
  • Intellectual property consultation meetings, seminars, and lectures
  • Electronic notary (web service)
  • Management of annuals fees for patents


Since being established in 1998 by the patent attorney, Masayuki Shobayashi, we at Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office, using "Depend on us and you will feel relived; we are a reliable patent and trademark office" as our motto, have been working to expand our business.

In March 21st, 1998 (Heisei 10), the company started in "one room in an apartment" in Minami Ikebukuro.
Until then, I passed through a phase of being of a working patent attorney, to doing joint office management, to working as a successor, then I became independent.
Even now, I sometimes look back and think maybe I should have done it by myself from the beginning. However, because I went through the trouble of creating different types of relationships with people, I believe that has become the foundation for who I am now, as the founder of the company.
For example, when we started, our office was two rooms.
In a room where everyone is together with the office manager, even though the manager had no problems, the other staff members felt a bit suffocated.
As for that, I feel that I went through all that trouble because I had experience in joint office management and working as a successor.
By the way, even now, when going on business trips with subordinates, the subordinates sitting far away from the manager is a tradition at our company that has been continuing since our founding.
Our scale was four to five staff members.
Because we all get along very well together, we treated ourselves and went on a company trip to Hawaii.
We hired internal planning staff for the first time, greatly shifting from relying on outsourced planning to having internal planning.
We canceled our seminar for students who plan to take the examination to become patent attorneys and focused entirely on our own work.
Afternoon, night, and morning we devoted ourselves entirely to our work.
We were incredibly busy, but we felt fulfilled.
Also, some of our staff who took the examination to be become patent attorneys passed the examination.
We established Shobayashi Offices Limited (capital of 3,000,000 yen)
Our business went smoothly, and in our work, we made great efforts to produce thorough and high-quality work to fit the needs of our customers.
Like the previous year, our business went smoothly and, without any major incidents, it was very peaceful in our office.
We smoothly increased our sales and we also hired new employees.
However, compared to increasing our sales, maintaining our staff was more difficult; however, we achieved a venture "milestone" of "ten people out of a billion" (a state where ten staff members generated one billion in sales).
At our office, we did our first "hiring of new graduates".
We started our first business administration reform.
We established Pro-link Ltd. (capital of 40,000,000 yen)
Up until the beginning of the previous year, the state of administration became difficult again, but, as administrators, we learned a lot during that time.
Our office began to rapidly expand, and the number of staff members surpassed 50. Realizing that two rooms was the limit, we moved our office to Takese Building in Higashi Ikebukuro.
This was the end of our first business administration reform.
This year, we changed the name of our office from "Shobayashi International Patent Office" to "Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office". In October, we went to Europe to conduct our first international sales, and in November, we participated in the APAA (The Asian Patent Attorneys Association) Council (held in New Delhi, India).
We started our second business administrative reform, and, at the same time, we hired a lot of patent attorneys.
In August, we participated in the FICPI (Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle) general meeting for the first time.
In September, our staff surpassed 100 people.
Additionally, the fulfillment of our judicial affairs and design and trademark departments was accelerated.
In December, we celebrated our end of the year party and Christmas party at a hotel.
This year, the number of our staff members increased by approximately 100%.
We established Shobayashi Ltd. and Associates (capital of 9,000,000 yen).
We started an administration team for expanding our business scale.
With the expansion of our business, we also expanded the size of our office.
The area of our office increased by 50%.
The number of cases increased suddenly, and our office, in an extremely busy state, worked recklessly.
In February, and then again in March, we broke profit records.
Then, in March, we welcomed our ten year anniversary.
For one night and three days at the end of March, we went to New York and attended Judge's Dinner.
There, we met our former students (our past students who were going to take the examination to be patent attorneys), and we were deeply moved.
Seeing our former students being active in the world was an inexpressible feeling.
In September, the entire world entered a financial crisis because of the Lehman shock.
Following that, the intellectual property industry was affected, but our office, as an effect to reclaim business, started increasing the amount of new customers, which was connected to the later easing of the shock.
We accepted WIPO trainees and taught them about intellectual property business practice.
In May, we participated in the INTA, and,while many participants kept making cancellations because of the financial crisis and the new strain of influenza, we actively did business abroad.
(We managed to make it through the year without contracting the new strain of influenza.)
We introduced our electronic notary service.
Thankfully, we didn't sustain any noticeable damage during the Great East Japan earthquake in March, and we were able to continue conducting business as usual; however, while the distribution of electric power was very strict, we moved and scattered our offices in order to maintain the stability and continuity of further business.
Our single office up until then in Ikebukuro became two offices, one in Tokyo's Marunouchi and the other in Ikebukuro.
We established a new office in Osaka and created a solid condition for our company.
We moved our office from Ikebukuro to Ueno, and Marunouchi, Ueno, and Osaka became the three points of our organization.
Additionally, we also set up a separate satellite office in Ikebukuro.
At this time, we have gathered patent attorneys, lawyers, consultant engineers, directors, a management section, and other kinds of staff members, and we have become able to handle a wide variety of fields, making us able to offer one-stop service related to intellectual property.
Intellectual Property Information Browsing Service This service has been launched.
March 21 marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of the office.
We reorganized our Osaka Office into our Kansai Regional Head Office in May.
We drastically increased the number of staff members and restructured our organization so that our Kansai Regional Head Office will take the initiative by involving our customers from the Kansai area.