Service lineup

Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office is a comprehensive service provider for intellectual property and intellectual assets.
We provide consulting relating to services, operation, and application of right acquisition and protection for intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and designs, inside and outside Japan.

Application and registration

Application and intermediate treatment of Japanese patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs

As an agent, we provide all duties,from the application and registration of patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs to the Japanese Patent Office, to registration.
Of course we will protect the rights of your company's operations. Furthermore, in advance, we can also give consultation about consciously granting a license to another company.

See here for more information.

Application and intermediate treatment for foreign patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs

Since we used the Japanese application as a base, we can handle applications for patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs for various countries and regions, up to the first-foreign application for countries outside Japan.

Copyright registration (inside Japan and outside Japan)

Copyright registration increases transaction safety relating to transfer of rights and opposition to third parties.
In some countries, it is said that when opposing other rights, there is necessary nuance that is above rights.

Domain acquisition and renewal management inside and outside Japan

We carry out acquisition of a domain that functions as a location on the Internet.
There are various types for each country and region, so, in order to fit your needs, we can conduct domain acquisition and renewal management for every country and region.
Management with a trademark right is effective.

Electronic notary

This is a service that, regarding information about offering partners confidential intellectual property or business negotiations where there is know-how and patentability but no plan for disclosure, proves to third parties who owns that intellectual property (owning without falsification) and from when, because of prior use rights and for the prevention of misappropriation.
Actions to protect the intellectual property of resigned former employees before filing an application is possible.

Discovery work

We can help discover the intellectual property at your company. We can provide various types of advice, not only for patent discovery, but also about protecting with know-how intellectual property that has patentability and should be protected with know-how and advice about filing preliminary applications.

Judgment and inspection of prior art

Judgment (judgments of invalidity and judgments of validity)

We judge the possibility of a patent of another company (individual) being invalid.
A judgment of validity judges the possibility of your company's patent not being invalidated.

Inspection of invalid data

We search a specific patent for invalid data.In the case of a patent of another company, there may be cases where we search for the possibility of your company's patent being invalid.

Inspection of prior art (inspection of prior art prior to application)

In addition to the contents of the invention itself, we conduct an inspection of the prior documents to see if the conditions for novelty and invention are satisfied before applying.

Inspection of infringement (inspection of conflict)

We work with a lot of patent attorneys who have experience as patent office examiners, appeal examiners, and judicial research officials, so they can offer you accurate judgments relating to the validity of rights and the possibilities of infringement.


Trial for dissatisfaction

A trial to declare dissatisfaction of a final rejection passed by a patent examiner.

Trial for invalidation

A trial to petition the patent office to invalidate a patent or trademark that originally should not have been registered.

Infringement and lawsuits

Litigation rescinding the trial decision

Conducting litigation when the result of a trial for dissatisfaction of a final rejection is dissatisfaction, suggests to the court dissatisfaction, naming the director general of the patent office as a defendant.

Infringement lawsuit

In cooperation with a lawyer's office, we can also participate in an infringement lawsuit in various ways, suiting the demands of the client.

Support for foreign lawsuits

Concerning a lawsuit that relates to intellectual property rights in a foreign country, we can introduce a lawyer to fit your budget, and we can provide opinions and support concerning technical viewpoints and suitability of expenses.
We can also attend a strategical meeting with you and give you technical comments from the angle of the patent.


Monitoring of applications from other companies (inside and outside Japan)

This is a service that watches your competitors or companies of interest, or focuses on the technology in question to see which companies are putting forward applications.
Not only in Japan, but starting with China, we also watch public information of foreign patents and can provide translations when necessary.

Dealing with unauthorized use

Focusing on trademarks, this is a service that primarily monitors web information where the probability of infringement of your trademarks is high.

Dealing with customs

We provide assistance relating to the prohibition of counterfeit goods at customs.

Dealing with written warnings against infringed products

This is a service that, together with a lawyer, issues warnings against infringed products.


Inspection when purchasing another company (at the time of investment)

When you are purchasing or investing in a company, we research the status of the intellectual property in the principle products of that company. In other words, you could say that it is due diligence from the perspective of intellectual property.
Specifically, for example, we analyze the value of the intellectual property as necessary by looking at both the future risk analysis of whether or not there is a possibility of patent infringement in the key commodities of the said company, and by looking at the judgment of the technological strength between the intellectual property of that company and its competitors.

Analysis of the value of intellectual property owned by your company

Regarding intellectual property (mainly patents) that your company owns, we research its necessity and whether or not and how much it affects the market.

Dealing with written warnings against infringed products

From the application status of patents, we analyze which fields a specified company are emphasizing in terms of development.

Inspection of the salability of your company’s technology

When you are thinking of selling your technology, we analyze who you could sell it to based on public application information.

Business strategy inspection

Using a patent right, we can conduct various types of inspections to search for partners by offering materials for planning business strategies from the visualization of intellectual property in a “macroanalysis” that uses various types of maps, including historical, bubble, matrix, citation, and comparative, and by providing a more concrete analysis of partners (cooperative industry candidates or candidates for purchase) who possess technology that may be potential targets by looking at the influence and technical details of the patent right.

Intellectual Property Value Assessment

Financial Value Assessment of Intellectual Property

Learning the economic value of intellectual property rights owned by the company will provide critical information for the company itself, and also for others who develop business with the company (through transactions such as sales, financing or collaterals).
Financial value assessment of intellectual property will also allow us to assess the value of the intellectual property as well as strengths and weaknesses of the company in their business fields, in which the company is planning to develop or has already developed their business.
When we identify further weaknesses, we will comprehensively assess the financial value of the intellectual property by analyzing the risk involved with the weaknesses.
We can also provide a Written Opinion as necessary.

Intellectual Property Business Assessment Report

Companies, in particular, small to mid-sized companies, will enjoy a great advantage in developing their business in the future, if they can clearly show strengths of their technologies and knowledge/experiences and their growth potential.
An Intellectual Property Business Assessment Report will allow you to understand the entire business of such a company from the perspective of intellectual property.
You can identify the strengths of the company, understand whether the strengths are being used at full value, making their products attractive, or serving as the source of their cash flow.
A third-party assessment can be used not only for learning the real value of the company’s intellectual property beyond the books, but also for analyzing the business assessment of the company from the viewpoint of intellectual property, when you are considering providing financing to the company; a reference material for determining valuations when buying or selling a business; or assessing the value of intellectual property required for legal procedures such as property division or seizure.


Intellectual property management DB offering service

We offer DB that can manage the current progress status of patents, practical models, designs, and trademarks in a list when the occasion arises. If it is an item that we handle at our office, the status is automatically renewed when the need arises and your company and items from other offices are included in the data, and we can perform uniform management of the status as a whole.

Management of maintenance fees and payment representation for domestic and foreign patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs

Regarding the maintenance fees of patents and trademarks, we perform term management and payment representation.


Management agreement

We provide advice related to common intellectual property. We provide staff members who are precise in providing advice for many types of situations.

Representation as your company’s intellectual property department

We are entrusted with the intellectual property department in your company. From discovery to judging right acquisition and managing the work at the application site, we operate as a member of your intellectual property department. Of course, we can also permanently provide this service to your company.

Support for license negotiation

When negotiating a license between your company and another company, we provide support and give advice from different viewpoints.