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Hitoshi Watanabe

Hitoshi Watanabe

  • Patent Attorney

Education and Professional Experiences

March, 1980
Graduated from Department of Agricultural Chemistry, University of Tokyo.
March, 1982
Obtained M.S. in Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture, University of Tokyo.
April, 1982
Entered the Japan Patent Office, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
April, 1986
Appointed as Examiner (Food Processing).
August, 1989
Concurrently Worked for Research and Development Bureau, the Science and Technology Agency.
December, 1991
Studied in the U.S.A. (George Washington University).
March, 1994
Appointed as First Secretary, Japanese Mission to the Foreign Ministry's International Organization in Geneva.
July, 1999
Appointed as Director for Patent Planning, General Affairs Department.
August, 2000
Appointed as Chief of Appeals Examination Policy Planning Office, Appeals Department.
December, 2001
Appointed as Chief of Multilateral Negotiation Office, International Division, General Affairs Department.
June, 2004
Appointed as Chief of Pharmaceutical Compounds Sub-Division, Medical Science Division, Third Patent Examination Department.
October, 2005
Appointed as Director, Polymer Division, Third Patent Examination Department.
July, 2007
Appointed as Senior Director, Medical Science Division, Third Patent Examination Department.
July, 2008
Appointed as Chief of 24th Board of Appeals.
October, 2010
Appointed as Deputy Director General in charge of Human Resource Development, National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training.
April, 2012
Appointed as Chief of 24th Board of Appeals (Polymers).
July, 2013
Joined Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office.
July, 2013
Registered as Patent Attorney (Registration No. 19244).

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


  • Organic compounds, medical devices, food, polymer, and plastics engineering.
  • Examination and Appeals Examination in the above technical fields.