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Kunihiko Wakabayashi

Kunihiko Wakabayashi

  • Patent Attorney

Education and Professional Experiences

March, 1986
Graduated from Shonan High School in Kanagawa Prefecture.
March, 1991
Graduated from Dept. of Information Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.
March, 1993
Obtained M.S. in information science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.
April, 1993
Worked for a leading electrical manufacturer. Responsibilities included development of cable TV control program for hotels, development of digital satellite broadcasting receiving terminal control program for CANAL+ in France, and development of production system programs for production technologies of the above-developed programs.
May, 1997
Worked for a domestic patent firm. Engaged in the preparation of specifications and prosecution of foreign-filed patent applications.
December, 2004
Registered as a patent attorney. (Registration No. 13535)
February, 2012
Joined Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office.

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
  • Obtained a specialized teaching credential in high school mathematics


    [Patents, Utility Models]
  • Machinery:
    Electric tools (such as hand-held disc saws, nailing machine and centrifuges), configurations of electronic components (such as coil components, capacitors and photomultipliers), engine parts (such as piston rings, cylinder blocks and rocker arms), printing machines, printers, fishing gears (such as fishing reels, rods and cold boxes), and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Casting:
    Die casting and low-pressure casting
  • Fuel cells
  • Inventions relating to computer programs
  • Electronic components
  • Marks relating to rehabilitation equipment


What comes to mind when I'm serving as a patent attorney is the tailoring of a custom suit. A tailor takes the measurements of a client at several locations, and subsequently checks a loosely-tacked suit worn by the client to see how it fits the client. After some adjustments, the suit finally becomes ready.
Until then, every request from the wearer is forwarded to the tailor to be reflected onto the suit. Consequently, the completed suit is not only visually attractive, but also so comfortable that the client almost forgets that he/she is wearing the suit.
Likewise, I hope that in my job as a patent attorney my clients feel comfortable during the patent filing and prosecution stages, and that requests and information from the client will be incorporated into the application.
On a personal level, I enjoy keeping active by skiing in winter and swimming throughout the year. Also, I manage to refresh my brain by playing the violin at chamber music concerts and performing as the concertmaster of a citizens' orchestra.