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Masao Suzuki

Masao Suzuki

  • Patent Attorney

Education and Professional Experiences

April 1986
Worked for Hitachi Ltd. (Responsibilities included development of printed-wiring board, insulating material for superconducting coil, adhesive for semiconductor, organic and inorganic hybrid material, abrasive for CMP, and abrasive pad).
May 2004
Worked for the Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Responsibilities included patent examinations of electrophotographic photoreceptor, toner, paper, electronic paper, lens, antireflection film, polarizing film, optical compensation film, ink, coating material, detergent, pigment, and luminescence material).
April 2012
Joined Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office.
April 2012
Registered as Patent Attorney (Registration No. 18229).

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Doctor of Engineering
  • 1st grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management (patent)
  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymeric Material (application of such technologies to insulating material for electronic/electric parts, adhesive, optical material, toner, material for photoreceptor, and processing material for semiconductor)