Office information

Since our establishment in 1998,
we at Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office have adopted the motto "Depend on us and you need not worry; we are a reliable patent and trademark office" and have been working to expand our business.
We have assembled a team of patent attorneys, lawyers, consultant engineers, directors, a management section, and other kinds of staff members, and we have become able to offer a one-stop IP service business.



The most important mission of Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office is to contribute to maximization of the value of our clients’ intellectual property and associated rights. Intellectual property is an indispensable tool for maximizing the value of a business, because it is a source of significant progress and the progress and improvement of society and the everyday lives of people.
We will proactively provide our clients with professional wisdom as a group of intellectual property practitioners.
“I want each day of my life to see me take one step forward.”
These are the words of Professor Hideki Yukawa, who became the first Japanese Nobel Prize laureate in Physics. The words are full of optimism, which corresponds well to Professor Yukawa, who grew up in Kyoto. I believe these words teach us the most fundamental and important point of business, and these words have become my personal motto for living my life. I believe these words provide a very important lesson for the development and progress of society as well.
As a leader in relation to value maximization, we need to solve our clients’ problems, which are becoming increasingly diverse and complicated. For this purpose, we need to face our clients’ problems with a flexible attitude and provide solutions customized and tailored to our clients’ individual circumstances and needs, instead of offering uniform services within the framework of currently existing services. If it is not possible to solve such problems with a ready-made solution, we need to straightforwardly admit that we are facing an opportunity for creating new services and we need to look for solutions from various angles and provide our clients with appropriate solutions. The accumulation of such experiences will, day by day, lead us to the improvement of our skills but also our value.
What our clients want from us is not just solutions to their problems. Our clients have an underlying desire in their problems to contribute to society and the economy. They have a positive desire to reform the world, even if it is little by little, or to advance the world to the next stage. From this perspective, our clients desire to strengthen their own value. Whenever we encounter our such desire in our clients, we are enlightened and strongly motivated to support them in realizing their purposes by using our full resources from an intellectual property perspective. We are committed to strengthening the value of all people who desire it, by making full use of our clients’ passion as the driving force for our activities and growth.


Our Motto is Speed, Quality, and Value

Speed, Quality, and Value

The 21st century is an era where every player across different industries, universities, and governments, competes with each other, on a global level, in the context of the development of information and communication technology and the industrialization of emerging countries. In the 21st century, what is the most important national resource, local resource or company asset? It is intellectual property. It is increasingly uncommon to speak of strategy or management without reference to intellectual property. We live in an era where not only big companies or advanced companies need intellectual property, but so do the activity vehicles of all scales across all fields. Genuine experts and professionals of intellectual property are sought all over the world to assist effectively in global competition.
In response to such changes in the environment and to our clients’ needs, Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office aims to become a full service patent office, that not only provides services relating to filing and/or managing applications (which are the major services of most patent offices), but whose services are also utilized by a wide range of clients, including large companies, medium and small-sized businesses, venture enterprises, universities and/or research organizations, investment and financial institutions, consulting offices, search institutes, administrative and/or judicial organs, various associations, and individual clients. Our in-house patent attorneys, intellectual property experts, and clerical staff are always professional and embody our motto of Speed, Quality and Value.
Of course, the filing and management services relating to patent applications will continue to be the most important basic services offered by patent offices going forward. However, in recent years an era has already started where intellectual property as a resource, or an asset, is utilized strategically at high levels, and we see many cases where businesses are not strengthened or protected adequately by only obtaining patents. We will meet our clients’ expectations by facing their problems with a flexible attitude, and serve as experts and professionals in intellectual property to find additional solutions that we can offer and provide to our clients.