In order to increase the effectiveness of M&A synergy,
we would like to discover the technical possibilities of your company's technology and the technology of purchased companies.

Following M&A, of course there is technology aside from the core technology and technology clarified during the time of purchase. However, we think that there is a possibility of creating a huge added value by combining the technology of a company who branches out into different fields with the technology of your own company.
However, we think that, while understanding the technology of your company and understanding the details and strengths of your partner's technology, further finding something new among that technology is a difficult but necessary task.

At this place, using the patent rights of both parties as a base, we find patents with a high added value that increase the synergy effectiveness for both parties and search for applicability , and when something is applicable, we attempt to identify the applicable underlying technology.

Case study

Product: DVD player

Identify a highly value-added patent for achieving synergistic effects between two companies integrated into a group through M&A, who manufacture respective components of the same product

Map Analysis

Visually grasp the technical strength and weakness of the two companies, by comparing the number of patents in each technical field between bought-out company B and own company (Company A).


Based on strength and weakness analysis, it may be possible to discover a patent(s) applicable to the technical field which is the weakness of Company B, from among the patents which are the strength of Company A.

Company A :
Among the spindle motors, it has filed many patent applications in the field of "support structure of drive shaft" -> strength candidate

Company B :
Among the objective lens driving devices, it has filed less patent applications in the field of "support structure of drive shaft" -> weakness candidate


Explore the applicability by text-mining, and if applicable, try to identify underlying applicable technologies.

We report the results of our analysis.

In this case study, upon analyzing Company A's patent for "OBJECTIVE LENS DRIVING DEVICE" using text mining, it was found that phrases associated with support structures for drive shafts, such as "optical axis direction-movement", "insert the axial bore", and "spin-rotatable" appeared many times.

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