Using the current technology of your company as a base,
upon constructing and developing new projects,
we will find necessary and unique technologies that can be patented.

When making a new company or developing a new product, methods that are considered for working well with your company’s development are finding a partner to collaborate on a joint-development, receiving technical licensing, or taking technology acquired from an M&A as your company’s own technology.
If you tell us about the technology you are anticipating, using that as a foundation, our office can provide the analysis result from the patent status relating to that technical content, about which companies might have unique technology in that type of technology.

Case study

Target technology: We would like to develop a machine that uses biometric authentication, in particular, a machine in a field that is experiencing marked growth.

  • In the problem that we received, we analyze the growing field.
  • We analyze the patent application status of technology that is a potential target in the field in question.
  • From the application content of the technological field in question, we analyze distinctive words and the differences that occurred during the application period.
  • Upon inspecting the results of the analysis, we find a company who might have distinctive technology in the field in question, and we report the results of the analysis.

Sales trend in the global market for the field of biometric authentication (projection)

  • In biometric authentication as a whole, the global market scale is also rapidly expanding every year
  • In biometric authentication as a whole, the market share of facial authentication is increasing every year.

Patent application share map

Patent application share map for all fields of authentication in biometric authentication.

Map Analysis

Visually grasp characteristic technology through positional analysis of characteristic word space, in each company's patent applications relating to "face recognition technology" (Company O's example)


Since Company O's "face recognition technology" is unique in relating to "age" and "unregistered person", Company O has the potential to become a unique partner.

Verification 1

Contents of individual patents

Verification 2

Non-patent documents such as Websites

We report the results of our analysis.

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